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Alice Mercer

Howdy! I'm a computer lab teacher at an elementary school in Sacramento, CA. My teaching experience has been almost exclusively at high poverty and high minority schools. I started my career in Oakland, Ca, and moved here to Sacramento in 2001.

My philosophy of teaching is pragmatic (I'll use what works, and I'm not particularly wed to one theory or another). I want students thinking critically, and engaged in what they are learning (Constructivism), but I know that many of my students (language learners and others) need schema, scaffolding, and explicit modeling, so I'm not afraid to use those as well.

My philosophy of technology education is that teaching comes first, but technology is an awesome tool to use to engage students, and help them create stuff. I prefer that the learning goal guide the use of technology, and not the other way around.

Areas of Interest: 
parent engagement,
classroom management,