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Alfredo Tifi

I have been succeeding to improve my laboratory and class lessons with several methodological experiments for at least seven years oof continuous professional development, after a long time of unsatisfactory experimentation of concept mapping and problem solving in a "normal" class setting and assessing.
The "solution" that I've found is a blended one with several strategies, mainly centered on the study of cases, which include peer education, jigsaw sessions of flipped classroom, collaborative writing and mapping through Google apps for education and CmapTools. What is not blended is the kind of evaluation. That is absolutely and strictly innovative, because it is flipped as well. I have succesfully managed a criteria for evaluating learning communities (classroom, team) as a whole and make these criteria affecting the sense of belonging and responsibility of an individual student to these levels of sociality in learning tasks.
I believe that a successful teaching/learning is not a matter of a single technique or methodology or particular kind of technology, but of a coherent ensemble of aims and situated tools within the whole learning environment, that take in account for the psychological and pedagogical issues and knowledge of developmental age (Vygotsky's legacy and ZPD in my case).
Unfortunately, I was able to extend this level of coherence within just a classroom a time, whereas it should be extended to the whole community (colleagues, school, headmaster, parents) as a manifesto or a institutional constitution. I would be glad to move myself in every school in the world where this could be feasible.

Areas of Interest: 
flipped classroom,
flipped evaluation,
peer education,
cooperative learning,
concept mapping,
inquiry based science education,
study of cases,
Google apps for education

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