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Aleah is a consultant and trainer with Consult 4 Kids providing professional development for the advancement of the afterschool field. She is actively involved in CalSAC where she helps to facilitate the expansion of specialized trainings to underserved communities like Bullying Prevention, the NPASS2 STEM project and English Learner support. She is a founding member of the Central California CalSAC Chapter and hopes to build a community of advocates for youth in her current role as a Policy/Advocacy Coordinator for the Chapter.

Aleah holds a deep-rooted passion for ensuring that there is justice in this world, including giving every child whole and just opportunities to be whatever they want to be. She believes afterschool and out-of-school time has a place in this effort, and her unconditional drive towards justice that keeps her in the afterschool field is something that Aleah hopes to share with others.

Areas of Interest: 
project based learning,
informal education,
social emotional learning,
whole child,
community development,
new teachers,
youth development,
social justice,
professional development