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Alan K. Lipton

I'm a writer and editor by profession; a parent by accident, design, and deep commitment; and interested in education because... listen, what's the alternative? Everyone needs to feed his or her natural curiosity in the healthiest possible ways.

I was an active member at Children's Community Center (a play-based, family-run preschool in Berkeley, CA), and then followed my child through K-5 as an in-class volunteer (a.k.a. helicopter parent). After that, I spent three years coaching King Middle School 8th graders in their humanities core classwork and homework through WriterCoach Connection. Watching young writers express themselves is an eye-opening experience. The real magic kicks in around 4th grade, and if they've been instilled with a love of language since early childhood, their potential is endless. I'm glad to be part of the Edutopia community, where everyone recognizes children's potential.

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