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John Allan

John Allan is a post-baby boomer with an affinity for blending technology and education.
Degrees: M.Sc. Computer Assisted Language Learning, B.A. History, Master of Distance Education, B.Ed. Teaching English as a Second Language, B.Ed. O.C.T., Instructional Design Cert., Moodle Teacher Cert., Moodle Course Creator Cert., I.C.D.L., Ontario Ministry of Education TESL Specialist, TESL Ontario Certified language instructor and TESL Trainer.
Projects of note: edlinc, Open Source conference, TESOL Electronic Village Online courses, HSBC FTP Global Finance Programme, LearnIT2teach
Specialties: Moodle, distance education, instructional design, TESOL, CALL

Current projects: Integrating the MoodleReader Module at three institutions in Canada, training/mentoring language instructors for the LearnIT2teach project, creating help Learner Readiness courses for LINC courseware, developing BlackBoard courses for a college and maintaining several social media resources.

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