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Christina Haller

I am originally from Long Island in New York. For the majority of my childhood I was raised by my mother. She is an extremely strong woman and my role model. My experiences from growing up in a low-income household pushed me to succeed academically and socially so that I could live a better life. Seeing her struggles, I vowed to myself that I would go to college and enter the business world.

In 2002 I graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in International Business and Logistics. I originally pursued a degree in Business because I believed this would guarantee a life of wealth and security. My most educational experience in my undergraduate studies was my study abroad in Germany, where I lived for 5 months and was awarded the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. This experience was extremely rewarding, and it allowed me to see a different viewpoint of how life should be lived.

In 2007 I attended and received my M.S. in International Relations and Latin American Studies from UCSD. After completing my studies, I still did not feel fulfilled. I did some self-reflection into the path of my career. All I really needed to be happy in my career was to somehow make a difference in this indifferent world by helping the young lead a good life. I could be successful by leading the youth to care about others who are less fortunate than us (including those living beyond our borders), educating about the politics, and helping kids to work towards fulfilling their dreams through hardwork and having high expectations of themselves. My path led me towards pursuing a career in teaching, where I will have the opportunity to make learning fun and interesting for a classroom of children year after year.

This past December 2009 I completed my Teaching Credential Program from San Diego State University in Multiple Subjects. I am finally a teacher! Presently, I am substituting in the San Diego area, volunteering with special needs students, and working as an aide for my former classroom at Hickman Elementary in Mira Mesa.

Areas of Interest: 
ELL instruction,
small group and one-on-one strategies for students with IEPs