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Gregory Naulikha

Gregory is an all-round development practitioner with skills and competencies in all aspects educational, resource Mobilization, sustainability issues, Organizational and institutional Development/strengthening, Participatory Programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, Transformational research, Facilitation, Work based learning - including Mentoring and coaching among others. Gregory has worked in different capacities across the three sectors of society in Kenya for over 15 years. In government, he worked as a high school teacher and a lecturer at a public university. In the private sector, he was a Lecturer at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa; a research executive with Research Solutions Ltd and a development consultant with the Centre for Research in Development (CeTRiD). He has however, had the longest stint working in the civil society sector. He worked as a Research and Capacity Building Officer with the Kenya Community Development Foundation for 5 years; a trainer, placement manager and mentor with the Young Professionals Programme of the Aga Khan Foundation and also, a trainer, coach, mentor for VSO Jitolee Volunteer Programme.

Currently, Gregory is the education sector anchor person in the South Rift Portfolio in SNV Kenya and a key member of the country education team. The sector seeks to enhance access to quality education in the Southern Rangelands Districts. The sector's focus is on facilitating Multi-stakeholder relationships and processes; strengthening the management of teaching and learning; improving Educational Management Information Systems and strengthening the capacities of decentralized education structures. Gregory has been instrumental in piloting the use of data to nurture MSP engagement; strengthening School Management Committees vide School Improvement Planning and nurturing 'teacher clusters/learning communities' as a sustainable approach to teacher professional learning. He has also been engaged in not only donor prospects research towards enhancing Partnerships and Resource Mobilization for the sector and others in SNV Kenya, but has so far contributed to successful funding bids.

Areas of Interest: 
Education; Resource Mobilization; Private sector Development- in particular value chain analysis etc.

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