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Tom Bronson

I like sushi and long walks on the beach...oh, wait...wrong site.

Ummmm, well, I've been teaching math for 17 years, 15 of them at IDS in Tampa, FL. We are an IB school and set the bar incredibly high for my students. A significant number of my 8th graders graduate with Algebra I and Algebra II Honors credit under their belts before heading to high school and every so often I'll get a couple with AI, Geo, and AII Honors credit. Of course, I have to give my entire team credit for the success of my kids, though. It took everyone buying into the philosophy that middle school student will, as a whole, always almost rise to your level of expectation. So, if you set the bar at learning fractions, they almost will. If you set the bar at mastering Algebra II, they'll come really close to that as well.

By the way, I generally present at the NMSA national conferences. So, I'll see you all in Baltimore!

Areas of Interest: 
My baby boy! Other than that: playing disc golf,
traveling. Professionally: Making kids think and presenting at conferences to make math teachers think.