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Sam Wertheim

I am currently a sixth grade mathematics and special education teacher in New York. My love of psychology and working with students with disabilities has led me towards my doctoral coursework in Behavioral Sciences at Stony Brook University, where I will be sitting for the Board Certification in Behavioral Analysis (Fall of 2015). In addition to my teaching experience on the Elementary and Middle School levels, I am a Professor at Touro College's Graduate School of Education and Psychology.

Reaching my 10th year in education I feel grateful to have a followed my dream of improving the world, one student at a time. My time in education has been split between classroom teaching and administrative work. My time in the classroom includes 3 years as the district academic intervention specialist (math), 3 years teaching special education in the sixth grade, and the remainder of the time working as the district math coordinator. I have spent the last two years in the classroom and writing curriculum aligned to the common core state standards.

The past two years I have spent trying to innovate my classroom environment through a "flipped classroom" approach and implementing technology as a tool to unlock STEM instruction for my sixth grade science and math students.

Areas of Interest: 
Special Education,
Curriculum Development,
21st century learning skills
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