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Aloha! I have been a special educator for 12 years. I originally became interested in the field because of volunteer experiences in high school and college. I graduated from Brigham Young University- Hawaii with a dual degree in Elementary Ed and Special Ed K-12. I got my MA in Special Ed, Mild/Moderate, with an emphasis on "Resource Specialization." I worked as a bilingual Resource Specialist for 6 years in California before moving back to Hawaii in 2006. I've taught at bilingual and American private schools in Honduras and Costa Rica as well. Although I am now "Highly Qualified" in Language Arts, Gr 7-12, I have had to teach a little of everything. I am used to being the minority in my classroom and have worked with every kind of kid on the socio-economic spectrum. I believe in public schools, but am frustrated with the system right now, especially in light of the 17 furlough days for teachers in our current contract. I have a young son and am unsure about where to send him to school, with the issues our state is facing. Connecting with other teachers during tough times and staying positive is my goal right now. "It's for the children" is the motto I repeat to myself, even when cashing a shrunken paycheck. In the end, teaching is what I love to do.

Areas of Interest: 
differentiated instruction,
motivating students,
grant writing