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I qualified and taught as a remedial teacher in South Africa. I have however been home with our 5 children for the past 10 years. During this time we have homeschooled them and my passion for teaching has been transformed into a passion for education in general but more specifically educating parents on parenting and education.
I have spent this time researching and implementing various methods and ways of educating with our children. I now function as a parent and educational consultant. I run workshops on homeschooling, parenting and early childhood education. I am a Parent and Educational columnist for The Witness newspaper. Our eyes have been opened to a system that is destroying our children and it's my hearts cry to see people embrace and run with change. This change, I do believe, begin with parents knowing their are options out there and that they need to do what is right for their child, not what society expects from them.
I stand in awe of how freedom in education has given our children such a fantastic head start in life.

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