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Roseanne Madden

I am passionate about student learning and subsequently personalising learning so that all students can reach their potential. I really appreciate that we are knocking down our classroom walls and sharing best practice, pedagogy, ideas and knowledge as we strive to cater for all students around the world not just our own. I am an avid 'stalker' of others blogs and thought that it was time that I joined the community!

I am passionate about young people and how they learn - focused on those 'light bulb' moments and strive for more of them for all our students. LOVE learning myself - its the reason I began teaching as it is a career where we learn every moment of every day.

I have 3 gorgeous children whom I also learn from every day - two girls aged 9 and 7 and a "wild" little boy (4) who keeps me active.
For some crazy reason I do my best "thinking" when I am running and so tend to run every day as I organise my thoughts and allow my mind to imagine all the exciting possiblities of the future....and there are so many exciting developments as educators collaborate globally for better outcomes for all our students.

I love travel, keeping fit by cross training, reading and any type of wine (as long as the glass is big) and the only thing I often wish for is more hours in the day

Areas of Interest: 
challenge based learning,
inquiry learning

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