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Janis Seminara

I have been a storyteller and wrote 'books' as a very young child. My mother was a seamstress, so I took her fabric scraps and made covers for the stories that I self illustrated. A few have survived over the years, and I would love to get them published. After a stint in a magic troupe, I married and had my first child. I went back to college to study at first psychology, then literature and also screenwriting. I wrote a few scripts, one of which was about how literature gave me the courage to stand up and advocate for my own children so that they wouldn't be pigeonholed in the public school system. I then went on to study early childhood education, and began creating writing and storytelling workshops for young children, and then adults, incorporating Gardener's Multiple Intelligences and Lev Vygotsky's theories. My particular passion is to facilitate children and adults to tell their stories and to write without fear. I also continue to write children's books. It is my hope that my characters speak to the educational philosophy that I ascribe to, and also to the innate creativity that is in all of us.

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