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Ken Gilbert

Ken Gilbert, MA, is a Somatic Educator ( as a Pilates Teacher, Nia Trainer and Nia Black Belt Teacher. Ken is a Theater Artists and Co-artistic Director with DramaDogs, a Theater Company ( Working through the body, Ken inspires, educates and motivates everybody to become holistically healthy by connecting breath with sensation, feeling and expressivity; conditioning physical body/mind integration, emotional agility, and spiritual awakening to deepen their personal sense of self in the world. In Santa Barbara, Ken operates EmBODYment, Somatic Education in Movement and Creative Integration at CenterPoint Pilates and Yoga Soup as well as other locations in the United States and Internationally. Ken's philosophy is based on the belief that we are here to Awaken into Awareness; to become more connected to our physical/mental/emotional/spirit realms through the physical body.

Areas of Interest: 
Theater Arts,
Somatic Education,
Health & Well-being

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