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Catherine Falknor

As a student and teacher, I have experienced many different approaches to education, both public and private. I like to blend the best of both kinds of learning environments in my classrooms. For example, students should have a variety of learning experiences, particularly as they correspond to their multiple intelligences, and to that end, classes should include hands-on, community-oriented, and open-ended projects. To the extent possible, I believe outdoor lessons and field trips are necessary to connect learning to real-world applications. I support children having quality instruction in foreign languages and arts starting at an early age because these aptitudes are most fully shaped when young. Furthermore, they enhance thinking flexibility and creativity. Since we all agree that physical health affects our minds, I also believe that nutrition, exercise, and quality meal times (including schoolyard gardening opportunities) are very important to provide in the school setting. Finally, it's important to make learning inclusive, wide-ranging, and resourceful in its diversity. After all, making neighborhood schools into exciting and dynamic learning centers enhances the whole community.

Areas of Interest: 
social studies,
hands-on learning,
multicultural education

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