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iLearning Centre

iLearning Centre is the emerging leader in Malaysia as the first to merge Technology with Education and Learning. Being the pioneer of excelling academic studies in Malaysia, we pride ourselves in our expertise for having the strongest track record for excelling our students, academically and non-academically. We also cater to those who are intellectually gifted in other curricular activities through the programmes we provide here, such as public speaking, speech and drama performances, live video broadcasting, and much more. These programmes currently running has given opportunities for the extensive operations and affiliates throughout Malaysia, which has joined its intellectual capital and skilled human resources to cater to those who are studying under our Government-Based School Syllabus and Private Educational Sectors.

We are now paving the way for the future of Education and Learning. Our duty is aligned to helping our younger generation grasp the knowledge and experience, in the fast paced world we live in today, also known as our global village, where everyone is interconnected. We want our students to grab hold of all the opportunities the world has to offer them once they leave school.

Areas of Interest: 
school education,
primary education,
tertiary education,
highschool education