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Nina Smith

Finnish twist in meaningful learning and effective teaching.

I am passionate about good quality education, and so I mentor and coach teachers to thrive in their profession. I got my M.Ed. degree and teaching credentials in Finland, then worked internationally, and am currently living in the U.S. In addition to consulting I also mentor teachers pursuing master's degree in Western Governors University.

I love to share the in-depth inside knowledge of world top-class educational system (Finland has continuously shown its success in OECD's longitudinal research called PISA) My concrete teaching experience in addition to studies in education and psychology are giving depth to my 3C-model of effective education, which is a framework for cognitive, constructive and cooperative learning and teaching . 3Cs is a model any teacher can choose to use in any educational setting regardless the curriculum they are following.

Areas of Interest: 
Meaningful Learning,
Emotional Support,
Instructional Support

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