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Patricia Kokinos

A long-time teacher and school administrator, I recently wrote a novel about the many ways the structure of schooling is holding us all back--students, teachers, parents, and the whole nation. It's called ANGEL PARK and it's a MYSTERY, really. I know, what was I thinking? However, it's won several awards and educators who read it love it for telling the truth, something I just had to write after doing my best to create change for 25 years, actually making change, and then seeing the system snap back into place like an overstretched rubber band the minute my back was turned. Of course, this is our common experience, at least in the public school world, so I'm doing my best to find ways to spread my message and, in the best of all worlds, to help us all link up to raise our voices for an intelligent school structure. If you're interested, I have more than enough to keep you busy reading for a while on my website, Oh, did I mention I was an English teacher? (But of course! Who else would write the story of schooling as a novel?)

JUST ADDED (December 2010): A brand-new fan page on Facebook to join the voices of teachers, parents, administrators, college professors, systems thinkers, non-profit leaders, and more to CAMPAIGN for a reinvention of "school" as we know it. Check it out and join in at !

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