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FuseSchool - A Global Education Programme

'Fuse School' is a global Open Education initiative created by the leading Social Learning organisation Fusion Universal. Our mission is to provide great education to millions of learners who need it most - so that they can improve their lives and communities.

Our specialist teachers & talened animators from accross the globe co-create a complete library of secondary education videos for students and teachers alike - in the Sciences, Maths, EFL & ICT. All of this is free to the world as Open Educational Resources under a Creative Commons License.

These resources are not only available on YouTube EDU, but also on our 'FuseSchool' Open Platform and mobile app - in a free, personalised learning & teaching experience.

If your fire burns for education as a human right: Wherever you are in the world - we can use every helping hand email us at and join our OER movement of teachers, NGOs & unis.

Areas of Interest: 
education technology,
ICT for Education,
ICT for Development,
secondary education,
online learning,
learning theory