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Juan M. Martinez

I have been teaching ESL and Spanish in the high schools of the city of New York for the last 19 years. Prior to that I taught for 5 years for the City University of New York at Hostos in one of the ESL adult programs that existed at the time. It was financed by the Ford Foundation. Teaching there was fun and socially and culturally rich.
Nowdays working in hih schools with diverse populations is more challenging, we need to be on top of the new trends in education and be able to adapt rapidly; I feel that it is necessary to progress and evolve professionally daily through collaboration,personal study and research in order to be able to offer to our students the best that we can. Life is full of changes and surprises so it is always good to be prepared and ready.I want to offer my students the best I can, the best I am in terms of values, morals ethics and of course the subject area.

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