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Shirley McKinney

Hello Everyone! I suppose I could begin with the many adventures of my profession, but it's the personal me that drives my professional interests. That's where I'll begin this "About Me" section.

I have lived in the Phoenix area for the past 30 years. I have a son and a daughter that also live in the valley. They have given me 7 wonderful grandchildren! I'm a social being and especially enjoy meeting and learning about different people and their experiences. I enjoy swimming, gardening, dancing, .... I love movies...., talking with friends, and/or relaxing and enjoying being at home.

In addition to my current special education position, I have had the wonderful experience of being a Faculty Assoc. in the Teacher Education Program at Arizona State University for the past 10 years. The undergraduate program at ASU has had intern students placed with general education teachers on my campus for many years. Although most of my evening classes have been taught at the university, I am able to assist teachers and general ed/special ed ASU students adapt to the dynamics of each classroom. There are many districts that have interns and it is very interesting to see how each district goes about including sp needs students on their campus. It is also interesting to observe how the impact of, or lack of, pre-planning and training of staff prior to inclusive practices affects attitudes, and team work toward this goal.

I am pleased to have found 'Edutopia'. I utilize the many resources that are available on this site. I thoroughly enjoy reading and communicating with other professionals in the 'Groups' section, and gaining new information and insight about what works or doesn't work with specific educational program techniques and strategies.