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Amy McConnell Franklin, Ph. D. M.P.H., M.Ed.

I design and facilitate programs and trainings in emotional intelligence (EI) for school communities and community service agencies working with families and youth. Based in Northern New Mexico, USA, I work in the USA as well as internationally. I believe that it is critical for the adults in children's lives to develop their own EI, to recognize their feelings, their choices and to be guided by their conscious values, in order to be effective adults in the lives of young people and in order to create safe, engaging learning environments and to facilitate effective, sustainable SEL programs. I have recently published a book entitled, Choose to Change, a step by step guide to nurturing EI in your classroom. I have used these lessons/experiments, with children ages k - 12th as well as with adults: teachers, parents and University students. I look forward to the day when EI and SEL is integrated into all schools and across curriculum and is foundational to environmental education curricula.

Areas of Interest: 
Teacher training,
pre-service and in-service,
restorative justice and peace making circles,
environmental education.eace making circles,
home visiting programs,
early childhood

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