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Otilia Moldovan

I am a full-time teacher of EFL. I teach primary and secondary levels at "Ioan Bob" School in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I was awarded the First Degree Teaching Certificate. I attended a Comenius 2 course in Exeter, between 11-24 June 2006 - British Institutions, Language and Culture. I am the treasurer of our Cluj English Teachers Association (CETA), member of RATE ( Romania's Association of Teachers of English), affiliate of IATEFL. I participated in a number of national conferences and presented workshops on A Cross-Cultural Approach to TEFL, Click-and-Grade (paper and computer-based extensive reading testing), and Using ICT in Teaching Culture (last two - collaboration with my friend-teacher, Daniela Arghir). I have been involved for some years in an eTwinning project, an e-newspaper, "Kids'Chronicle". The e-newspaper is open for the European schools which want to contribute. I have been teaching an elective course on extensive reading using ICT, in a classroom and virtual environment (Hot Chalk, and now Edmodo). I am currently teaching 3rd graders an online course, in which the pupils get the information from different interactive games and communicate their ideas using the multimedia posters, EDUGlogster. I am an EDUGlogster Ambassador and share the benefits an interactive poster can offer on each opportunity I have.

Areas of Interest: 
Language Arts,
Web 2.0,
Internet Marketing