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Former public policy maker. Parent of a child who survived public education, it almost took my life. Getting her from K-12 was the most difficult and project that I have undertaken. I consider myself privileged because of income and education and status. If it was this difficult for me and my daughter who is of high intelligence and had no bahvior problems. The only incident was when she opted off the school bus at age 11 because as a non violence practioner, she could no longer tolerate the abuse of the bus driver toward some of her classmates. She also reported that he was not a teller of the truth. The school refused to give her bus tokens as retaliation for reporting him. How petty, again we had the funds to pay her bus fare. The treatment of children in the classroom by too many teachers caused me to become a sustained participant in public education issues. To be a voice for parents whose privilege is so much less than my own in a society where power and privilege and diversity drive our public policies. I am working to assure that public funding is not prioritized to make schools employment centers for adults over learning centers for children.

Areas of Interest: 
Education of poor and non white students,
parent engagement

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