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Dan Stanton

Dan Stanton, Director and Co-Founder

Dan has more than twenty years of experience in the communications and information technology sector -- creating solutions for business, government, schools, and classrooms. He is a Founder of Always On Network, Inc. and a Director and Co-Founder for Always On Network Bangladesh Ltd., creating eCommerce applications, and providing technology to various vertical markets.

Dan received a Bachelor's Degree from Oregon State University, completed postgraduate course work at Lewis & Clark College, and holds a Master's degree, Summa Cum Laude from Portland State University. He has taught K-12 students in Portland area schools, and continues to teach courses for Portland State University undergraduate and graduate students.

An avid learner with a variety of interests, Dan has traveled extensively in Asia, Central and South America as well as Europe. He also enjoys windsurfing, skiing, and bicycling and has biked across North America. He also plays Chicago Blues guitar!

Areas of Interest: 
Learning how to learn,
Inquiry Models,
Systems Thinking

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