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Alfred Todd

I'm a single father of 4 amazing children. As many other parents I have become so frustrated over the governments failure when it comes to our children's education. My children have been fortunate that our school does heavy fundraising. However, I see how the parents end up paying inflated prices for products they really wouldn't have bought if it weren't for helping our children out.

My company has found an alternative. A simple, effective, automated, year round fund raising program based on everyone's current living habits. Local radio stations have expressed interest in helping promote this program to assist our schools. Local businesses are excited to get on board. Parents do less work, the schools do less promoting yet have the potential to raise many multiples of what they currently do. Everybody wins.

I'm excited to have come across this site as I'd love to see the dollars our schools raise go towards better programs for our children. Hopefully together we can all change the shape of America's educational system.

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