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I am an active local artist and teacher, trying to fill the young minds of San Antonio with new and exiting ways to accomplish what they beleive they can't. I beleive everyone can, it just depends on if you "want" to. "Where theres a will, there's a way!" corny, cliche, and so true!!! Everyone is born an artist, its just a trait that needs to be cradled, nurtured, and practiced. As humans, we are prone to give into society and conform to its ways. As we do this our artistic ability is taken away. As we learn more and more about the cynical ways our society is our artistic abilities are stripped from us. As we grow older our minds beleive we can't do certain thing anymore that we once beleived we could, we have a more "invincible" outlook on life as children and that aspect diminishes more and more as we grow older. Feed your children culture,art, music, theater, etc.... Give your children CLASS, they will thank you for it later. DONT SHOVE IT DOWN THEIR THROATS!!!!

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