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Terri Browning

I earned my M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and I'm currently in my 16th teaching in the high school from which my parents, my husband and I, and both of my daughters graduated. My teaching responsibilities include English II, English IV, College Comp I & II, and American Studies which I co-teach with one of our social studies teachers. In addition, I introduced the first online courses in our district which include Creative Writing; Mythology I, II, and III; Film as Literature; Writing the APA Paper; and Writing Workshop. Next year I'll be adding AP classes to my schedule.
My other duties include serving at the 6-12 School Improvement Chair and the Language Arts Curriculum Chair. I've been a member of the District Leadership Team for 10 years. I am a regular presenter at the annual state conference for the Kansas Association of Teachers of English where I lead sessions on reaching struggling readers, using technology in the classroom, and differentiating instruction among other topics. I earned the Teacher of Honor designation from Kappa Delta Pi.
I maintain several websites.
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Areas of Interest: 
Struggling readers,
differentiated instruction,
professional development

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