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robin malik

I started my career as a published designer in the music and fashion industries. I always knew, at some point of my career, I would begin to teach. Look backing, I firmly believe it should be required, in life, we all pass on our wisdom as a teacher. But as a graduate with a degree in art, straight out of college, I had nothing to offer; I myself, was still evolving and like some many other graduates was unsure of how I was going to apply my new skills and knowledge to a career. Life is a path and everything happens as it is suppose to. I know now going into the industry right out of school, experiencing what I had learned in my career made me the qualified, confident and focused educator I am today. I loved my career as a designer but knew this could not be it for me. Many of my colleagues worked as designers and also taught at SVA, Parsons, FIT. . .as adjunct. How great it was for students to have qualified, working designers as teachers. I knew, first hand, as I was one of them when I was a student at SVA. These students had made it into college and, if they endured the rigor, would make it into the design field. I wanted to reach out to the high school. I wanted bring life experience into the classroom. Helping the students see the importance of art in the world today, and giving purpose to what the students were learning was my goal. I realized how blessed I had been and giving back was my destiny. I have been a teacher since 2001 and my dream has come true. I have achieved all I set out for and more. Several of my students have gone onto fabulous art colleges, interned with photographers and fashion designers, worked on runway shows and at magazines. . . all while still in high school. I love being a teacher. I maintained my passion as an artist as I help others possibly find their passion in art as well.

Areas of Interest: 
art across the curriculum,
special education and art,