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Carol Lloyd

Prior to GreatSchools, I wrote a weekly column for the San Francisco Chronicle for ten years and headed the education section as an editor at My writing on culture, education and family life has been widely published and anthologized for the past 15 years, appearing in The New York Times Magazine, This American Life radio show,, and The Los Angeles Times as well as being featured on NPR's Talk of the Nation, PRI's The World and KQED's Forum and To the Best of Our Knowledge. My book "Creating a Life Worth Living" was published in 1997 by Harper Collins. But my biggest achievement of late is co-founding a school newspaper at my daughter's local elementary school and feeling even more in awe of teacher's daily sacrifices and creativity. Her two rambunctious daughters age 10 and 14 keep her busy, exhilarated, and frequently exhausted.

Areas of Interest: 
social emotional learning,
teaching writing,
STEM for girls

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