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Azul Terronez

Azul is a teacher at High Tech Middle school. He has started his career in film and television shortly after the leaving UCLA. He had many random jobs from a professional clown to being a ranch hand. He became a bilingual teacher in inner city Los Angeles after responding to an add on the college job board, with no intention on staying in education. He worked as a teacher for 5 years before leaving the classroom to be and administrator. He worked as a middle school Principal and a high school grade level principal in Texas. He was recruited by High Tech High to do some school development in Austin and soon moved to San Diego to teach and soon become a director of one of the High Tech middle schools. He has served as an assistant program officer for the Texas High School project and a worked as a consultant for the New Tech High. Another passion Azul has is school culture improvement. When he is not teaching he is writing, spending time with his family and growing his understanding of his inner entrepreneur.

Areas of Interest: 
Problem Based Learning,
Educational Entrepreneurship

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