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Mo Weinhardt

I'm an experienced educator with a unique perspective on how parents can use child development to strengthen relationships with their children.

I've been privileged to work with students of all ages. I began teaching at both the middle and high school levels at Clonlara, a private and innovative K-12 school (in MI) guided by democratic principles. There I practiced dynamic, experiential new methods of teaching and learning that valued the voices of students, teachers and parents alike.

Upon moving to MA, I chose to gain a more comprehensive understanding of child development and began working in early childhood education at the Mansfield Children's Center. While working as the head Kindergarten teacher there, I completed my Master's Degree from Lesley University.

I am currently growing my own educational consultancy business (LearningBug Education) and will soon be holding workshops for parents on topics such as child development, behavior management, communication and children's literacy. Visit the website to learn more, or email me at!

Areas of Interest: 
graphic design,
service work

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