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Marianne Malmstrom has been an educator for over 25 years. Her fascination with using emerging technologies in the classroom led to her current position as a middle school technology teacher at The Elisabeth Morrow School in Englewood, NJ. With her colleague, Sarah Rolle, she has developed a program rich in the use of multimedia. Her school has received two JPMorgan Chase awards for "Excellence in the Use of Multimedia" as part of WLIW's Teaching & Learning Celebration. Marianne presently runs Project Theater and the Multimedia Works group focused on best practices for using multimedia in the classroom

In Second Life, Marianne is known as Knowclue Kidd. She has volunteered as an ISTE docent since May 2007 and has been responsible for organizing several collaborative projects with colleagues from around the world. As an early adopter of machinima (video created using 3D virtual worlds), Marianne has been keenly interested in how this new medium can be used for education. She has created several short machinimas including "ISTE in Second Life". Working with her 8th grade tech club, she is currently exploring the use of machinima in the classroom.

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