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The Teacher Guy

Andrew is a motivational speaker, educator, writer and humorist. With a one of a kind personality and a heart for impacting people, Andrew Guy is driven to help young people acquire the skills necessary to be successful in both educational, and life's endeavors. The former president of the International Students Association and leader of a well diverse population ranging from over thirty different countries, Andrew brings a fresh view when it comes to creating the right learning environment for his students. He believes it is impossible to teach those you can't reach; as a result Andrew is notorious for creating, what he calls a "Culture of Learning(c)" for every student.
He's not your typical Science teacher; you can expect to see him using anything from his gift of humor, videos, gadgets, word games, chanting, rapping, dancing, mnemonics and outdoor activities; whatever it takes to keep his students engaged and excited about learning. A graduate of Southern Arkansas University, Andrew double Majored in Premedical Sciences, with an emphasis in Biology and Exercise Science. He later went on to complete a Master's degree in Kinesiology. With his extensive Science background, along with his unique sense of humor, Andrew is able to create a "Culture of Learning(c)" that empowers students to learn.

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