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Abbe Blum

As a tenured professor in the English department of Swarthmore College for many years, I taught Shakespeare, Milton, and intensive writing seminars. At Swarthmore and later at Saybrook I found some of the best students paralyzed by stress, procrastination, and perfectionism. My work and writing in Embodied Education addresses the increased pressures students face in the 21st century. I gives workshops across the country--from Smith College administrators to Swarthmore RA's, from Saybrook dissertation writers to University of the Pacific freshmen and nonfiction writers at the Mechanics Institute in S.F., from athletes to elders. I am also editing and writing the conclusion for a book on Tibetan Healing Science by Dr. Dickey Nyerongsha. I have been practicing Tibetan meditation and yoga for decades through the Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center, and I am a certified Focusing Professional, having studied Inner Relationship Focusing with Ann Weiser Cornell among others.

I am a curriculum consultant with the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University, and presently teach Eastern Psychologies and Buddhist Paths of healing at Saybrook. I give instruction in meditation, Tibetan yoga, and Inner Relationship Focusing to people in all walks of life.

Areas of Interest: 
Embodied education,