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Kori Winker

I am the Community Partnerships Coordinator for a nonprofit called AMAZE.
AMAZE creates award winning educational programs to prevent bullying and end bias behaviors in younger children. We start with Diversity & inclusion training for teachers and then teach them to use those newly acquired skills to help young children to learn to understand differences, stand up for themselves and others, and recognize that they are not alone. AMAZE programs combine quality children's literature and anti bias lesson plans to create the safety and belonging every student deserves.
If preventing bias bullying isn't a school priority;when will it be?
Partner with AMAZE to help create schools in which all students feel safe, welcomed, engaged, and ready to learn!
Visit our website at
*Star of State Children's Defense Fund * PFLAG Outstanding Organization 2012 * Mission Award MN Council of Non Profits

Areas of Interest: 
Bias bullying,
social emotional learning,
Early childhood,

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