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Jez Luckett

Jez Luckett is shaping the scope of his life's work by engaging and finding support for those overlooked in today's policies and programs promoting health and wellness.

Believing that it takes one to know one, Jez's work draws on lessons learned from the twenty years he spent confined to a body that, at its heaviest, was over 350 pounds.

A chance viewing of NBC's weight loss program The Biggest Loser, held the solution and opportunity Jez had been searching for. In 2007 he became one of eighteen contestants to compete on the fourth season of the hit show.

Moved by the growing childhood obesity epidemic, and lack of healthy role models in the south, Jez relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana in the fall of 2011, a city in desperate need for radical approaches to health and wellness.

In 2013 Jez began implementing a six-month pilot program and curriculum intended on offering additional resources to children and families in search of wraparound health.

Areas of Interest: 
Wraparound health,
food justice,
corner store reform

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