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Barbara Joann Combs

I developed a commitment to working with youth in 1998 beginning with my four sons and their friends as teens dealing with alcohol abuse, crime and prison. While teaching secondary art education I discovered many bored and troubled youth who found peace, a form of expression and increased self esteem while creating art. I came to Baltimore for a specific graduate school program that would increase my ability to facilitate art programming that enriches the lives of youth, parents and the community.

My professional history began with a nationally accredited home child care center and professional consultation. I have taught art education at a high school, a museum, a community center and yearly service learning summer camps. My educational background has given me a solid understanding of curriculum development and I have written curriculum for Art I through Art IV, Art Honors IV, Advanced Placement Studio Art Drawing and Advanced Placement 3-D Design courses. I gained experience in writing multi-generational, community engagement art action plans and successfully implemented them working with youth, teens, young ladies with infants, adults and seniors. Most recently, my responsibilities as silk screen printer and stage designer included research for best practices, sketching, budgeting, purchasing, construction, and included documentation, developing an inventory system and working with a diverse team of youth and adults.

With 16 years of progressive experience in art education, I love encouraging youth to find their positive, full potential while expressing themselves through art.

Areas of Interest: 
Faith-Based Community Collaborations,
Wholistic Health,