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Josh Birdwell

Dreamer, Futurist, Learner and Doer these are attributes that I have chosen to live out. I have taken my education and future a hold by the neck and controlled it. Within the past year and a half, I have traveled to Google for the Intersection Event which invited only the top 35 Business Students from the applications. I was taken on a personal tour of Singularity University and Moon Express, where I interviewed for an internship. While I was there, I was allowed to attend a X-Prize and SU event for executives. This past Spring Break I was selected to go on a Teach For America & Zappos Trip where we got invested in the community. Besides the ample amount of traveling I have done, I have had three internship opportunities. My most recent one is with ShoppinPal a company that brings the self-checkout experience to a mobile phone. Daily, I choose to learn and improve myself in any way possible. At my University, I am on the exec team for our entrepreneurship club and heading up a new organization in education. My major is Computer Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Recently, I have joined Top Hat's Student Team and C-E-O Student Advisory Board.

Areas of Interest: 
Self-directed learning,
education revolution,

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