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Linda Tillinghast

Continuous desire to learn, improve, and help others. Something I hope to model for and inspire in students, colleagues, and anyone I have the privilege to meet. Began my career in the private sector working for large Japanese company in the office technology market. An unfortunate family circumstance spurred me to make a change in careers. I have now spent 21 years in education focused on children with special needs.

I also have a passion for literacy and obtained my Masters in that area. I taught on the graduate level regarding diagnosis of reading disability and remediation practicum. The nature of these courses naturally require acute diagnostic ability, another area of extreme interest.

Continued desire to help and share what I have learned over the years led me to obtain my administrative license. One area that I believe holds a tremendous amount of potential for education for all students, not just those with special needs, is technology.

As a result, I am currently enrolled in an Advanced Certificate program in Computers in Education.

Areas of Interest: 
Students with disabilities,
technology in education