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A Platform for Good (PFG) is a project of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) designed to help parents, teachers, and teens to connect, share, and do good online! At FOSI we work with leaders in the field of online safety and, regularly, we hear about incredible stories and exciting opportunities in our digital world. We hear stories of parents, teens, and teachers using technology to raise social awareness, encourage activism, enhance our education system, and of course, have fun!

What we have noticed, however, is that the stories reported in the news and infusing public conversation are focused heavily on the negative notions that don't support the research that says the majority of people's online experiences are positive. Given this climate, it is our hope that PfG will create a place to have a more balanced discussion about the role digital technology can play in our lives.

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Digital citizenship,
online safety,
educational technology,
flipped classrooms,

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