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Lesa R. Walker

I believe that positive change occurs when we each take positive steps in our daily lives, and the more we practice, the stronger we become. I have created a simple, yet powerful, writing exercise called the "Olymp-i-a Challenge" ( to help children and youth increase awareness and empathy and strengthen habits of peace, green-living, and health in their daily lives. The writing exercise has a strong foundation in the research of positive psychology, empathy, happiness, and brain development and in the power of practice to generate positive change. I currently work to engage youth globally in the Challenge. I am author/administrator of the "Idea4Idea" website ( and Olymp-i-a Challenge publications (

I have extensive work experience in the field of public health and preventive medicine*. For over 30 years I worked to design public health service systems for children & youth with disabilities at the state and national levels.

*MD, Baylor College of Medicine; MPH, University of Texas School of Public Health; Preventive Medicine/Public Health residency, University of Michigan; board-certification, General Preventive Medicine and Public Health; & clinical work, Pediatrics.

Areas of Interest: 
public health,
life skills,
social emotional skills,
children with disabilities

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