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Christopher De Michele

Hello co-creative community...

My journey is inspired by "a calling" to positively impact comprehensive education reform. I believe SEL/SECD is a foundational component of an optimal learning environment. Establishing safe, student-centered relevance builds ownership, and when linked with student/teacher strengths can germinate healthy lifelong habits of resilience, empathy, engagement, creativity, collaboration, happiness and well-being = thriving.

Significant accelerated reform will require collective voice and cumulative activism. A movement MUST engage the imaginations of students, educators, elders, community, non-profits and businesses by inviting and rewarding their participation. We each must see our way to playing our uniquely personal roles in a "bigger" more mythic story. The campaign MUST evoke an individuals call to adventure and nurture/mentor their profound "heroic journey" to realize their greatest gifts and share them with the world.

Through this metamorphic process the individual and the collective community gains wisdom and value (socio-economically, environmentally, etc.) as participants discover a passion to develop and deliver themselves, their talents and skills in positively purposeful ways.

I look forward to playing in the sandbox with YOU!

Christopher D.
Founder and President
Enrichment Resource Group

Areas of Interest: 
Service Learning,
Whole-child education,
systems-based school-wide implementations

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