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Professor Mark A. Menendez

Professor Mark A. Menendez, is a time-traveling artist, instructor, scientist, and inventor from the 1800's, who by the means of his time machine, the TIME CARRIAGE, visits the great artists and scientists from the past, his present, and the future, gathering all their secrets in order to learn and in turn share with his pupils.
The Professor is a true Renaissance man. He speaks many languages, and is an avid historian as well. He is an exceptionally talented artist, a master of both drawing and painting. Through the use of his TIME CARRIAGE, the Professor has also learned directly from such famous personages as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and Sir Isaac Newton. Truly gifted at teaching, he can teach anyone to master the secrets he has gathered from these masters.
Each week the professor travels back and forth through time, meeting the great masters of art and science, gathering all their secrets, ready to share all this knowledge, and to encourage all to make "TIME FOR ART"!

Areas of Interest: 
Art instruction,
art history,

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