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I love my work as a kindergarten teacher and I love my kids. I hope I can contribute with my experience raising three kids. I am very dedicated to security issues concerning children. Here's one of them.
My oldest kid is soon 11 years old and I gave him a cell phone. Technology is mostly a good thing, kids are online and use cell phones at an early age. The combination of Internet and cell phones have drawbacks though. My son got strange phone calls after giving out his phone number in a chat room. I got so afraid that something bad would happen to him that I started to trace unknown numbers.
If you experience something similar I can recommend this place to start with.
cell phone lookup
You can get a name and an address for any cell phone number and you can check if any neighbour has a record as a sex offender.
I always believe people to be good, but I've also come to realize that the world can sometimes be a threatening place.
I want to believe in the good nature of all human beings though.

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