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K. Clark

I am a disabled parent to a disabled child. We have schooled in Central Illinois literally since his birth. Everything has always needed to be done unconventionally; we needed to explore and learn together. He is now 10, and our curriculum is tailored to his needs and interests. He was tested at EIU at age 4 and found to be most unique. He has been ahead, by different degrees, of his peers. He now is at college level in some areas, high school level in various areas and junior high in some areas. We have enrolled him at least part time every year since 1st grade at a public school. This is so that he may explain himself and deal with large crowds. It always sets us back and aggravates me that the school system is severely lacking. We believe in making what we learn memorable through memorable moments. We cover as much ground as we can for 3 semesters per year and he has retained it well. I am a big advocated of Freedom Learning and the hands on approach.

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