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I like to read, and write stories I haven't had the privilege of publishing any, but I have hope that in the future God will provide me with the opportunity. I have to books or draft finished. One is a short children story called: "The Dogs Trail". The other is called: "You will know them by the fruits". I am a singer and a composer of Christian songs for children and adults so they can enjoy the greatness of God and his mercy. I have also recorded a CD, of spiritual songs. I composed all of the songs for God honour and glory.
I love to work with children. At the age of 18 God made me a called to care for the children, which I refuse but not for long, since I do not like to say no to God. I really enjoy working with kids, for this I took the challenge of been a teacher, because I know I can make the difference in the heart of these little ones. Although the education is not as easy-going profession it can be some sort of rewarding at the long run, but it has to be done with dedication and conscientiousness. It is like lifting up a mountain, one that probably is not so easy to climb, but that we will always manage to conquer. Being a teacher is a gift given by God. I know that He chose me for this task. It is of great joy for me to be able to emulate Jesus as a teacher.

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