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Janet Moeller-Abercrombie

My 16 years in education have provided me with experiences instructing diverse students in elementary and middle school settings. I have worked with students of all socioeconomic backgrounds and with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. I have experience in international education, Lutheran education, and public education.

In 2003, I became involved with strategic planning. Curriculum development is my passion. I especially enjoy aligning curriculum and assessments with the larger goals and priorities of an organization. I believe that continual formative assessments at the classroom level and the organizational level are necessary for effective change management.

I have served as team leader and currently serve as Math Committee chair. I have developed curriculum units based on Understanding by Design (UbD), and led teacher work groups in the development of units and lessons. I have worked on the development of the HKIS Strategic Plan, leading work groups and developing operational definition for the HKIS Student Learning Results (SLRs). I led groups of administrators, teachers, parents, and students to write a large portion of the most recent WASC accreditation documents. I have led professional development sessions related to technology integration and math assessment.

Areas of Interest: 
Facilitating small group discussion,
Curriculum development,

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