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Eman Elhosiny

I am certified in education & Science (chemistry section) and have up to 2+ years experience teaching as SPECIALIST for Creative Science programs in SCLC- AMIDEAST .
I am currently working on my master in Science Curriculum and Instruction as a student grant.
I also have experience in developing science curriculum & CHEMISTRY platforms for K-12 classrooms at Alternative Education Resource Organization | AERO , writing assessment science assessment by e E-lance.
I have also assisted with implementation of the distinguished Extreme Science program at the Hathour company travel The goal of this program is to train teachers on how to implement a hands-on learning environment inside and outside by trips throughout certificated deal.
I hold my own work for science programs (CK) emanawy elhosiny (r)2013 as a serious of Constructive thinking skills and creative life science Laboratory outdoor activities program by theoretical concepts.