George Lucas Educational Foundation

Heidi Zeigler Twitchell

After teaching elementary school for ten years, including G/T 5th grade, Multiage (3,4,5) 4th grade traditional and 6th grade L.A./S.S, my passions have lead me to take a leave from public education in order to develop and implement my model. In this pursuit, I found yet another greatly fulfilling passion- I'm now assessing and enhancing international programs for impoverished kids through nonprofit organizations allied with Global Chldren's Village (website under development, but for now, see: My work with Project Rhino inspired the development of GCV, as I found that the economic crisis was greatly impacting important international work. I've been working actively in fine arts in education advocacy, inservice and now. My newest endeavor is developing my documentary film and television miniseries that will focus on the U.S. education crisis, the causes, the politics, the solutions, etc. and will accentuate the power of fine arts education by featuring students both in the U.S. and in our nonprofit alliance schools in nations such as India, Ghana, Liberia and Pakistan. Plans for production are underway, but so are many other projects! I'm looking for more like-minded educators to join our team. =)

Areas of Interest: 
Fine arts infusion,
technology integration,
international student relationships,
advocate for change.